Cat Boarding

Cat condos

We offer luxurious kitty condos for your beloved pet!

While you're away, it might not be possible for you to have someone come into your home — these cozy kitty condos will keep your cat comfortable. Not only will we have trained staff taking care of your pet, but we can also provide medical care as needed.

Our condos are located in a designated cat room, which is securely closed off by a solid door with an observation window, so they can enjoy a quiet stay. The individual condos offer multiple resting platforms, including a separate litter box area. Our boarders are given handmade fleece beds during their stay to keep them warm and comfortable. All condos have views out the window, which allows plenty of sunlight in. Once a day, we open up their cage and allow them to roam the room, one at a time, so they can enjoy a scratching post, rest on the kitty tower, or just stretch out.

Cat condos

We ask that you bring your own food, as abrupt diet changes can sometimes cause GI upset. We have individual lockers for your pet, so your pet's medication and/or food will not be misplaced or mixed up with other boarders.

If you feel that Burlington Animal Clinic would make a great boarding experience for your cat(s), please contact us! We do ask for your pet to be up-to-date on vaccines.