Surgery Photos

Canine Masses

12 year old Coonhound Mix, large mass on left shoulder

10 year old Border Collie Mix, with two cysts

Feline Masses

11 year old cat, with a mass on the abdomen

2 year old cat, with a mass on the chest

Canine Dentals

4 year old Italian Greyhound, with dental disease

5 year old Maltese, with dental disease

10 year old Maltese, with a ruptured tooth root abscess. (Several teeth were removed on emergency, and remaining diseased teeth were also removed.)

9 year old Sheltie, with dental disease


2 year old female Yorkie/Maltese Mix, Caesarian section to remove large puppy.

2 year old Boxer, with a wound on the right hind limb

10 year old Cattle Dog, wound on the inside of the ear